What are SDRs?

The very large increase in world trade (globalization) over the last four decades has enormously reduced poverty and raised living standards for very large numbers of people. Government policies in the U.S., China and elsewhere have produced large, unsustainable trade imbalances (mismatch of imports and exports). Free trade on its own would not produces such imbalances.  New Global Studies has just published my article “Time for a New Global Currency?” http://www.bepress.com/ngs/vol3/iss1/art5. The article explains what the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are following the G 20s recommendation that the IMF allocate an additional 250 billion dollars worth of them, and how they might facilitate achieving and maintaining better global balance.

About wcoats

Dr. Warren L. Coats specializes in advising central banks on monetary policy, and in the development of their capacity to formulate and implement monetary policy. He is retired from the International Monetary Fund, where, as Assistant Director of the Monetary and Financial Systems Department, he led missions to over twenty countries. Before then, he served as Visiting Economist to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and to the World Bank, and was Assistant Prof of Economics at the Univ. of Virginia from 1970-75. Most recently he was Senior Monetary Policy Advisor to the Central Bank of Iraq; an IMF consultant to the central banks of Afghanistan, Kenya and Zimbabwe; and a Deloitte/USAID advisor to the Government of South Sudan. He is currently a member of the Editorial Board of the Cayman Financial Review and until the end of 2013 was a member of the IMF program team for Afghanistan. His most recent book is entitled "One Currency for Bosnia: Creating the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina."
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