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The search of purpose: Nature and Nurture – Genes and culture

Every healthy boy and girl searches for the meaning and purpose of their lives. We ask why we are here and what we should do with our lives.  Where do we want to go and be in the future? How … Continue reading

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Paid Family Leave

The view that if something is good or beneficial the government should provide or mandate it is one of the attitudes dividing those who favor limited government from those favoring a more expansive and generous government. The following provides one … Continue reading

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Balancing Religious Freedom and Civil Rights

The adoption last week of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has set off a loud public debate about religious freedom and civil rights. The debate is over the best balance between our cherished beliefs in both religious freedom and civil … Continue reading

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More from Rosewood

As my United, Canadair flight from Denver descended over Bakersfield toward the Meadows Field airport, my phone indicated the arrival of a text message. My brother Gary was asking, “Where are you?”  I responded: “Just landing—early”. It was 8:10 pm … Continue reading

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Annual Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,                                                                                                           December 8, 2010 Seasons Greetings. I hope that it has been a good year for you and those you love. It has been for me, but it remains a troubled time … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Rosewood

May 21, 2010 My dad’s and my birthdays on the 19th two days ago are an almost distant memory. I had spoken in the afternoon to a gathering of Rosewood residents (the retirement community my dad lives in as had … Continue reading

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The Mother of all Snowstorms Followed by the Mother of all Snowstorms Known here as the “Snowmageddon” A week before Christmas we got 18 inches of snow, an all time record for the month of December. It messed up a … Continue reading

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