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Is America becoming Socialist?

I participate in an Internet discussion with a number of African free market thinkers who participated in the Mont Pelerin Society meetings in Nairobi last year. A number of them have commented on the financial crisis centered in the U.S. … Continue reading

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The Big Bailout: What Next?

The administration has told us that American financial markets are in a perilous state because of recent and prospective losses of financial institutions that threaten the adequacy of their capital[1] and because of the illiquidity and presumed market under pricing … Continue reading

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The D E Fs of the Financial Markets Crisis

Treasury Secretary Paulson has asked Congress to authorize the government to buy up to $700 billion dollars worth of Mortgage Back Securities (MBS) in order to stabilize their market price, which reflects the underlying value of the mortgages that back … Continue reading

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Is the Fed Running Out of Money?

“The Federal Reserve has requested that the Treasury Department deposit $40 billion with the central bank in an effort to help the Fed continue to stabilize the financial markets and address concerns about whether it is overstretched.”[1] David Cho goes … Continue reading

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The Russian Bear

My generation grew up thinking of Russian/Soviet behavior and motives as reflections of an ideological commitment to communism. With acceptance within Russia and most of the rest of the world that communism and economic central planning are deeply flawed and … Continue reading

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How to measure the size of government

What is the right size of government? Obviously our answers vary depending on our understanding of the facts and the value we each place on different activities. It should be possible, however, to narrow the range of answers to differences … Continue reading

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