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Fannie and Freddie, More Good, Bad and Ugly

By Warren Coats[1] Should Uncle Sam have bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and what should he do now? Fannie and Freddie were created by the government to promote home ownership by lowering the cost of home mortgages. Whether … Continue reading

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Should the U.S. adopt a Gold Standard?

The gold standard for the U.S. is not a serious issue in my view, but a few hundred people, including Ron Paul, think it is. FreedomFest staged a debate in Las Vegas July 10, 2008 on this subject. Gene Epstein, Economics Editor … Continue reading

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Dialog with Denis (a young Russian living in Europe)

For five or six years I have been exchanging emails with a young Russian now living in London. Denis is ambitious and fought hard to study in Europe and work in the West. He is also clearly a very patriotic Russian … Continue reading

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