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Kidnapped BearingPoint colleague released

Kat Woolford, my BearingPoint (now Deloitte) colleague in Baghdad, just informed me that our British IT colleague Peter Moore has been released by his captors. Peter was kidnapped from the Finance Ministry in Baghdad in May 2007 along with his … Continue reading

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Keep it Lean

The size of government tends to grow naturally if not checked. There are many reasons for keeping the government lean and mean (a distant memory, but still a good standard)—personal liberty, personal responsibility and the moral qualities it fosters, economic … Continue reading

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Egor Gaidar, RIP

Yegor Gaidar died December 16, 2009 at the age of 53, not far below the shocking national average in Russia of under 59 for males. Gaidar was a controversial and pivotal figure in Russia’s transformation from a failing centrally planned … Continue reading

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Lend, Lend, Bubble, Burst, Bailout, Lend, Lend

Banks should never be pressured to lend. Their first obligation should be to protect their depositors’ money. For several years in Iraq I worked with the central bank of Iraq to fight off pressure from the government of Iraq (and … Continue reading

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The shoe bomber is sentenced

Remember Richard C. Reid, the would be shoe bomber? Here is Judge William Young’s sentencing statement. I do not agree with the Judge’s speculation that the shoe bomber hated our freedom. I don’t actually know anything about him or his … Continue reading

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The Pledge of Allegiance

My friend Michael Lind has pinned a brilliant attack on the pledge of allegiance as un-American. Enjoy:   

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Toccata Classics

An English friend of mine, Martin Anderson, runs a very unique classical music publishing and interest company. If less well known but worthy classical music interests you, you will be interested in Toccata Classics. See the following: Hello to all … Continue reading

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My mother’s funeral

 My mom died Sunday November 22 and I returned to Bakersfield the next day to help make funeral arrangements and to keep my dad company. My mom’s real life, the one she loved, had ended some months earlier, so the … Continue reading

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