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Notes from a Visit to Rosewood

My father and I left my parent’s assisted living apartment for lunch just a short walk down the hall on the second floor of Rosewood. If you said you were on the second floor, all Rosewood residents knew you were … Continue reading

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More on the Lockerbie bomber

Those of you interested in this subject might find the following letter to the editor of the Economist of interest. The conclusion is that because the convicted bomber Mr. Megrahi withdrew his legal appeal of his conviction just before being … Continue reading

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Outside IMF Guesthouse, Kabul, Afghanistan

  Background Guards and driver Wahid and I outside IMF guesthouse in Kabul Foreign Wars “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” says my friend Bob Gregorio with reference to the NATO bombing near Kunduz of two hijacked fuel … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Speech to Students

The President’s speech to students is wonderful, and appropriate and one hundred percent American at its finest. Make sure you see it and that your kids see it.

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Fighting the Taliban

Saturday, September 5, 2009 U.S. strategy in Afghanistan has wisely refocused on protecting Afghans rather than killing Taliban and increasing the resources for training and equipping Afghan solders and policemen (vastly cheaper than financing additional NATO forces, though they will … Continue reading

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Guns and things

Sorry to dwell on guns and traffic, but they are the two most conspicuous features of Kabul along with the utter poverty and collapsed structures everywhere. I just came back from a little walk up and down my street and … Continue reading

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Iraq kidnapping update

Here is the latest development in the May 2007 kidnapping in Baghdad of one of my BearingPoint colleagues and his four security guards: 

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